Monitor Off Utility

Monitor Off Utility 1.0

Switch of your monitor with a double-click


  • Minimizes to system tray
  • Good configuration options
  • Easy to use


  • None so far


Monitor Off Utility is a tiny utility that allows you to turn off your monitor using hot key commands or a double click.

Once installed, you can run Monitor Off Utility in the system tray, so it won't get in the way. Right click the icon, and you can turn off your monitors, start the screensaver or lock your workstation.

Double clicking the icon brings up the configuration menu, allowing you to set up the application as you like. Hot Key commands can be sat for turning off the monitor and starting the screensaver - locking the workstation is already included in windows and you can't change that Win+L configuration. Monitor Off Utility can also be set to start with Windows, so you won't have to think about it, and can switch off your monitors without thought.

When off, monitors will awaken if you press a key or move the mouse just like a screensaver. There is a default wait of 10 seconds to power off the monitor, although you can set this to zero if that's unnecessary. Double clicking the Monitor Off Utility icon can be toggled between opening the configuration menu and switching off the monitor, which is useful.

It doesn't do a lot, but if you want to save some energy by making sure your monitor isn't on when you leave your computer for a while, Monitor Off Utility does the job perfectly.

Monitor Off Utility


Monitor Off Utility 1.0

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